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1) De-Clutter

It’s easy for a home to get cluttered. Stacks of magazines on living room floors, a mess of dishes on the kitchen counters, or piles of laundry that have yet to be folded can make a home look downright messy. And a messy home is not exactly one that will be perceived as attractive to buyers who come and visit. Your first task is to completely de-clutter your home from top to bottom, ensuring that all items are put away in their proper spots.

Now is the time to purge any belongings that you no longer use. After all, there’s no sense in hanging onto something that’s no longer useful to you when it’s just taking up valuable space and making the place much more difficult to keep tidy. You might also want to start packing some of your things early in order to get them out of the way, which will make the process of decluttering much easier.

2)Make Any Necessary Repairs

Those chipped tiles, cracks in the windows, burned-out lightbulbs, and loose door handles might be minor in nature, but they can turn buyers off.

Before you list your home for sale and let the first prospective buyer in, take the time to make all minor repairs that are taking away from the look and feel of your home’s aesthetics. If you’re not very handy, call in a local handyman to tackle these little jobs for you. It will be worth the money paid for experts services.

3) Boost Curb Appeal

The first thing that buyers will see when they first pull up to your home is its exterior. They don’t want to see a lawn full of weeds, out-of-control hedges and bushes, cracks and potholes all over the driveway, and peeling paint on the front door.

Before the first prospective buyer arrives, be sure to give your landscaping some TLC. That means trimming the bushes, weeding the grass, mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, cleaning up the front porch, and maybe even giving your front door and mailbox a facelift. A little can really go a long way in improving your home’s curb appeal and making it more inviting to enter.

4) Clean Up After Your Pets

If you’ve got fur babies in your home, do your best to clean up after them. That means cleaning up any stains on the floors or carpets that may have been left by your pet, tucking your kitty litter away, putting chew toys away, vacuuming up stray fur, and freshening up the smell in the house so it’s not obvious that there are animals living there.

When buyer visits are scheduled, make sure your pets are either out of the house or at least in their kennels or a separate room. If possible, have your pets stay at a friend’s or family member’s house while your home is on the market. This will make it a lot easier to keep your home clean and free of pet odours and dander